Certified Etiquette and Protocol Consultant

Manners and Protocol, LLC, will bring business etiquette to you!

Our customized presentations, training programs, and seminars will help your employees learn and utilize the business and social skills so vital in today’s corporate environment.  Through etiquette and protocol intelligence, we give employees the tools necessary to build a competitive advantage utilizing self-confidence, social skills, manners, respect, a positive image, and a professional brand for themselves and the company.

BUSINESS ETIQUETTE:  Knowing what to do and when.

How many times have you heard it?  It’s the little things that count. Trite as it may sound, treating others with respect, consideration, and honesty can mean the difference between simply existing and gaining the edge necessary for success in today’s competitive business sphere.

Who benefits from Etiquette Training?

Etiquette is for Everyone—new hires, sales force, front line staff, customer relations staff, leadership teams, high school students and faculty, college students and faculty, athletic teams, medical students, MBA students, law students, executives, and anyone who wants to be their very best.  Whatever your business, whatever your age, knowing how to handle yourself in different situations will become one of your most valuable assets.

Let us introduce to you the world of Manners and Protocol.